Vier Poten story

Hello! My name is Karolina and I am a certified groomer, owner of Vier Poten Trimsalon, but first of all – mum of 8-year old son Jeremy, owner and friend of dog Bilbo and cat Neo. It is my great pleasure to welcome you to Vier Poten – my dreamed pet grooming salon I founded in 2020!

Dogs have always been my beloved animals, pets, friends, companions. I may not speak their language but I think I understand them quite well. I started to be seriously interested in dog grooming a few years ago. My intuition told me to follow my heart and turn my passion into a profession so I decided to get a professional certificate. After just a few weeks I had my first clients, who are now my regulars in Vier Poten! My dream is coming true!

My life with animals

Kajtek – true childhood friend

When I was a little girl my parents decided that I would become a cellist. My beloved dog Kajtek usually slept wrapped around the cello leg listening to my endless practice. He was a dog rescued by me from the dumpster, probably a sense of gratitude made him bravely endure it. He also endured with seriousness all grooming treatments served by a ten-year-old: teeth cleaning, claw clipping, bathing and combing all inclusive.

Anastasia – the greatest companion

Our next dog Anastasia – a dachshund, possessed by the devil himself and at the same time the most beloved dog in the world, was not such a fan of music (nor of grooming and yes, small dogs have very sharp teeth;). And then I realised neither was I. So after 12 years of practice I decided not to become a cellist – to the despair of my family of course;)

Alma – soulmate

My next stop was the Theatre. I devoted a lot of years to it, first in theater school studying acting and directing and then on stage. As it turned out it was not my destiny either, but during that time, I adopted my first dog in my adult life: Alma who became my real soulmate.

Bilbo and Neo - inspiration, friendship and love in Amsterdam

When I moved to Amsterdam my world changed dramatically, everything was new and strange, I was a bit lonely. Then my son Jeremy was born and he gave my life many amazing colors. When Jeremy was three years old I decided to adopt a street dog from Hungary and so in our house came Bilbo. Later, when we were away from home, Bilbo was a bit sad so we decided to take a cat to accompany him. So in our house appeared another pet, who was desperately looking for a home – Neo, a kitten found with a dislocated hip at a bus stop on one of the Greek islands. Both animals fell in love at first sight and we love them very much too. We are like a family together.

Thanks to them I had enough courage and strength to put my dreams into practice and open a Vier Poten Trimsalon to which I warmly invite you all! This place was created out of my love for animals and the love they give me back.